It all begins with collaboration, and that carries through every aspect — from initial concepts though fabrication and installation. The Iwaki Design Group will manage every aspect of a project, collaborating with design agencies, architects, builders, trade-show contractors, and of course you, to ensure that your vision comes to life. On time. On budget.

Client:  McCaslin Design - San Francisco, CA
Client:  EMC Creative - Austin, TX
Mueller | Austin, TX
Client:  EMC Creative - San Francisco, CA
Rincon Green
Client:  EMC Creative - San Francisco, CA
Signature Properties | SF
Client:  EMC Creative - Oakland, CA
Signature Properties | Oakland










“I gave Steve and Catherine the task of making our office feel as secure as the title sequence from Get Smart. They came back with an amazing elevator door application that is still talked about five years later. Every time I turn a project over to the Iwakis, they exceed my expectations, nail the budget, and eliminate every single headache.”

~ Mark Jordan, Creative Director, Webroot

“Steve and Catherine Iwaki are more than suppliers of first rate display designs and graphics. In my 6-plus year association with the Iwakis I’ve experienced a dedication to the creation of excellence and an ability to take a concept and make it better in every way. Many times I have asked them to value engineer details to reduce the bottom line and the resulting product has not suffered. When working with Steve and Catherine I feel like we are on the same team, not in the roles of client and supplier. In every case we have collaborated to make the resulting display environment more successful than my original concept. I recommend the Iwakis to anyone in search of excellence and creativity with a sound foundation of solid engineering knowledge and how to make a project a success.”

~ Jeffrey R. McCaslin, Environmental Designer